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Renuka shahane kids

Renuka Shahanewhose parents got divorced when she was really young, felt the impact of their decision in certain aspects of her life. Renuka has been a part of several popular television shows, including Circus, Surabhi and Sailaab. She made her directorial debut earlier this year with Tribhanga - Tedhi Medhi Crazy, which came out on Netflix.

Tribhanga, starring Kajol, Tanvi Azmi and Mithila Palkar, is an emotional drama about three generations of women. The dysfunctional family is forced to come together and deal with their differences when one of them is hospitalised after suffering a brain stroke. Sign in Hi, Sign out. Home India News Cities. Renuka Shahane's parents separated when she was very young. Renuka Shahane, whose parents separated when she was eight years old, was ostracised by other children because she came from a 'broken family'.

By HT Entertainment Desk. Topics renuka shahane. Renuka Shahane wished husband, actor Ashutosh Rana, on his birthday on Tuesday.

Renuka Shahane Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Children, Biography & More

Renuka Shahane and husband Ashutosh Rana recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. The two have been together for more than 19 years and have two sons. Enter your email to get our daily newsletter in your inbox Subscribe Now. Get our daily newsletter in your inbox Subscribe. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. Javed Akhtar is working on three scripts and for the first time writing a short film. By Kavita Awaasthi. The writer-poet talks about the film industry being vilified last year, adds now we are slowly moving towards normalcy.

Maybe we will need some time but things are gathering momentum. Priyanka Chopra said that it took her a decade and a half to stand up for herself. Priyanka Chopra said that she was once asked to leave a film when she raised concern over her 'nominal' paycheck in comparison to her male co-star.

Renuka Shahane

However, she chose to suck it up and stay on.Renuka Shahane has ventured into direction with her latest release Tribhanga. The film chronicles the story of a dysfunctional family of three women and their unconventional life choices.

renuka shahane kids

In the trailer of Tribhanga, we get to see how the film explores the idea that nobody is perfect, yes not even mothers. The film also attempts to highlight how sexual harassment leaves someone scarred for life. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Renuka revealed about being molested by someone in the family, and how it took her years to come out with it. The actress-filmmaker also stated that back in the 80s there was no awareness at all about such issues.

The Tribhanga director even revealed that her mother lived with that guilt. I was a kid at that time. At that time there was no awareness at all you know.

As kids, we are so trusting that we do not realise that things like this happen and then we think that it is because of us that something like this has happened. The actress has shared her experience with her loved ones and even with her sons. She wants them to feel safe enough to share anything with her. I have spoken to my children about it because I feel they also need to be aware of and feel the need to open up to me and know, if god forbids anything like this does happen to them, they have me as their best friend.

There are somethings that still trigger. However, Renuka also clarified that the part where Anu Apte played by Kajol faces molestation in Tribhanga is fiction.

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This is not something that has happened to me. Otherwise, people will feel its autobiographical element, which is not true. I got to speak to a lot of people around me so I have healed in many many ways over the years but there are so many people who have still not come out about the sexual harassment, molestation, abuse they have gone through.

Bollywood News. Nayandeep Rakshit on January 20, Image Source - Instagram. Trending This Week. Features Features.Want to become more innovative with using technology?

Join the Vaahini Connect series on 12th Feb! Still need a reason to destigmatise divorces? The experience she shared reminds us of how toxic and harmful the taboo surrounding divorce is. And why it needs to end now. As an eight-year-old girl, she found herself being isolated from her friends by their parents. Kids were discouraged from playing with her. And all of this mistreatment was attributed to the divorce of her parents.

The burden of divorces on women The way people refer to divorce so casually as the breakage of families without considering the gravity of it, speaks volumes about the place divorce holds in the public imagination.

Reasons for filing a divorce can be varied — from incompatibility to domestic abuse to physical or emotional torture for dowry, the list is inexhaustible. Yet, we find that India has one of the lowest percentages of divorce cases. They have to compromise and adjust, even while facing violence. Basically, this implies that divorce is viewed negatively without any consideration of how the parties in the marriage were treated.

Any woman who dares to step out of the confines of marriage is called names and ostracised.

renuka shahane kids

This stigmatisation only snatches away from women the option to end a marriage for the fear of mistreatment from society. There are certain laws and schemes, NGOs and support groups that work to cushion individuals from attacks of the patriarchal society.

At the same time, we need to work towards not glorifying the heterosexual marriages as the only acceptable form of union. When popular figures like Renuka Shahane and Dia Mirza speak about the impact of the stigmatisation of divorces, the messages reach a wider audience.

This is exactly how the glorification of the institution of marriage determines the position of a woman in a patriarchal society. Women across class, caste and regional boundaries are judged on the basis of their marital status. However, the system is rigged in favour of men.

Thus, a lot of these women are forced to keep their struggles hidden with the fear of backlash and even violence. Conversations around divorce work towards chipping away at the patriarchal consciousness which stigmatises it.

The dialogue around divorce needs to grow and reach every individual. People need to listen and empathise and support. And the only way we can protect more women and more kids from trauma and seclusion is speaking up.

The more we speak, the easier it becomes for the women who need courage out there.Sign Up! What is normal for one person may not be for another. Which is why looking down or discriminating against families, or children belonging to families that are different than yours, is wrong and problematic.

Sharing her own experience, this is exactly what Tribhanga director Renuka Shahane is talking about. In a recent interview with Kusha Kapila for Netflix, Renuka Shahane talked about how her parents separated when she was merely eight years old.

She said that while she is exceptionally close to her mother, because she was so young she felt the impact of their separation in various aspects of her life. As if, it is like, maine haath lagaya hota unko toh unki bhi family break up hoti if I would have touched them, their families would have broken up too.

A post shared by Renuka Shahane renukash From where I stand, I would rather my parents live separate but happy than them being together and miserable. Yes, children are affected and scarred when their parents separate. But just like Renuka said, divorce is not some contagious disease that can be passed on to other families. In the same interview, Renuka also talks about what inspired her to write this script. In fact, they are always judged instead of celebrated.

They are not celebrated, they are always judged. While even the most perverse men, on-screen, are given exceedingly good backstories to kind of make us sympathize with perverse characters. And also I felt this whole thing about, what is feminism? There are so many different types of feminism and each one needs to be included.

Powered by. View this post on Instagram. Mitali Shah. You may also like Her Husband Left Her.Renuka Shahane born 7 October [1] is an Indian actress working in the Bollywood film industry and in Indian televisionbest known as the co-presenter of the Doordarshan TV show Surabhi — Renuka Shahane was born into a Maharashtrian family and her mother tongue is Marathi.

Her father, Lt. Vijay Kumar Shahane, was an officer in the Indian Navy. Her mother, Shanta Gokhaleis a theatre personality and film critic who works mainly on Marathi theatre. When Renuka was very young, her mother divorced her father and married a man named Arun Khopkar, who was a film-maker.

However, this second marriage soon ended in another divorce, after which Shanta Gokhale began a long-term friendship with Jerry Pintoalso a film journalist like her. Renuka and her only sibling, Girish Shahane, who is her full brother, grew up with their mother in Mumbai. Renuka did her B. Her brother Girish Shahane is a contemporary writer, art critic, and artist who has been associated with several art fairs and is a columnist with Scroll.

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Renuka has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Vijay Kenkare, a Marathi theater writer and director, but the marriage did not last long and they were soon divorced. They have two sons, namely Shauryaman Neekhra and Satyendra Neekhra.

She then worked as one of the two anchors of the vastly popular Hindi language TV show, Surabhiand this is what made her a household name. Her broad smile became a byword for charm in the era when Doordarshan was the only TV channel in India, and Renuka was certainly one of the most popular TV personalities of the s.

Inat the height of her fame while hosting Surabhi, Renuka got the opportunity to act in the movie Hum Aapke Hain Koun.! Renuka Shahane has acted in many Marathi Films. She released her first Marathi film as a director, called Rita.

Adapted from her mother Shanta Gokhale 's novel, Rita Welingkar[7] Renuka plays the pivotal role of a friend, guide and philosopher of Rita, the protagonist. Circus was one of the initial Indian television serials that she starred in. She portrayed the love interest of then relatively unknown Shah Rukh Khan 's character. Her role as a strong-willed woman in another television serial, Imtihaan was widely appreciated.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian actress. MaharashtraIndia. The Hindu. Huff Post Huffington Post India. Retrieved 21 July Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation.

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renuka shahane kids

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